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Clive James Events in 2008

Friday 28 Nov.
Topping & Company

The Lady Chapel, Ely Cathedral, 12.30 - 3pm. Tickets £12 with £6 off Angels Over Elsinore and £6 off Cultural Amnesia. Lunch and reception.

Friday 7 Nov., Saturday 8 Nov.
Aldeburgh Poetry Festival

Friday 10 Oct., 6.30 pm
Clive James talks about poetry with Alan Jenkins.

Thursday 11 Sept., Friday 12 Sept., Saturday 13 Sept.
SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE: "Crime Time" (on film music, live with the Sydney Symphony)
Sydney Opera House

Tuesday 19 - Sun 24 Aug.
EDINBURGH FRINGE: "In conversation", 4.30 pm; "In the Evening", 7.00 pm
Assembly Festival