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Gateway to the Audio Section

In this Audio Section I hope to present, eventually, all the audio dialogues that were previously streamed on the prototype site Welcome Stranger, and add more in the course of time. [The section] features six complete series of dialogues with the learned and eloquent Australian poet Peter Porter, first recorded for ABC radio under the able guidance of their Arts producer, Jill Kitson. Other dialogues are available here, with the historian Michael Burleigh, and with the writer and performer John Clarke.

Lectures that I gave in Australia, and which the ABC recorded, have also been added, and the way is open to add individual recitals and readings by people other than myself, with a view towards building a catalogue of material that might serve students of English anywhere in the world.

There is also a substantial sample from the James/Atkin concert tour DVD set Live in Australia, available in full from the shop on

My Radio 4 A Point of View broadcasts are available here a week after they go to air.

Some of the links under the heading "Other poets reading aloud" lead to the rich treasury of recordings already assembled by the Poetry Archive.

Further, specially made podcasts are envisaged, depending on the success of current efforts by my technognomes to clone me. The cyborg didn’t work, although it had a nice smile, and briefly went out with Angelina Jolie.

Archive Editor's note:

Clive's audio collection did not weather well the lapse in hosting of the original website. I've managed to salvage fewer than half of the Peter Porter Book Talk dialogues, some of which survived as duplicates and mis-labellings, and some with an audible excess of digital compression artefacts. Most of the files hosted on external content servers (and in some cases the servers themselves) have disappeared. Frustratingly, these are referenced in numerous locations across the Web, but invariably the links point back to what should have been the permanent and authoritative source, As indeed Clive himself (in his own words, “here today, here tomorrow”) intended it to be. I'm hopeful we can restore most of the content in due course — even as I write, Clive's daughter Claerwen is rummaging through boxes of tapes from his office in the expectation of filling some of the gaps for me. On a more positive note, we have the full set (60 broadcasts) of Clive's contributions to the Radio 4 series A Point of View; each of these has been given its own page in our BOOKS section, and the audio I've collated into six playlists, one for each series, HERE.

— SJB, May 2020

Update August 2020 : I'm pleased to report that we now have audio for all of the Book Talk episodes — listen HERE.