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A Point of View

Introduction (Clive James, London, 2007)

At the kind invitation of Mark Damazer, controller of BBC Radio 4, in January 2007 I began preparing a set of broadcasts for the series “A Point of View”: each one running at just under ten minutes, or just over 1,500 words. The implications of an alliance between a website and an institution like the BBC are quite large, but all we need note at this point is that at least one contributor to a broadcast medium has now moved into a new world of here today and here tomorrow.

Introduction (Clive James, Cambridge, 2019)

The BBC Radio 4 series A Point of View—a ten-minute weekly reflection on a topical issue—has been on the air since 2007. I was the inaugural contributor, and recorded two series of ten pieces in each of the years 2007, 2008 and 2009. This is an audio archive of selected pieces. The entire set of 60 transcripts is available in book form, under the title A Point Of View.

Introduction (Archive Ed., 2020)

For the archive, I have incorporated all sixty of Clive's APOV broadcasts into the following playlists, grouped by season. You can turn off the illustrations if you wish, using the 'hide images' button. The full text of each episode, both the version included in Clive's book A Point of View (Picador), complete with Clive's later Postscript, and the transcript appearing in the BBC News website's Magazine pages, can be found in our BOOKS section. For convenience, each of those 60 pages also includes its own audio player.

  SERIES 2 : JUNE – AUGUST 2007  
  SERIES 3 : MARCH – MAY 2008  

  SERIES 5 : MARCH – MAY 2009  

You can read the full text of these essays HERE.