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An Hour on Poetry

This space, on the original page dating from 2008, held an audio player which summoned on demand a sound recording of this recital from a remote media-streaming server. On rebuilding the site for this archive after its untimely disappearance in 2018, I found most of the old media files had vanished, including this one. Perhaps a previous custodian had overlooked the need for backups. Furthermore, other websites formerly hosting this material had switched some time ago to simply linking back to, a location they might reasonably have expected to remain a safe and permanent repository for Clive's work. Should copies turn up, I'll not hesitate to include them here, but for now this introduction is all that remains:
— Archive editor, July 2020

The Cheltenham Festival in Britain has always been a favourite venue for the ABC's arts producer Jill Kitson to record personal appearances by Clive James for broadcasting in Australia. In this solo hour, he concentrates mainly on some of the poems in his main collection of verse, The Book of My Enemy (Verse 1958-2003).

Here are reviews of The Book of My Enemy by Peter Craven in the Melbourne Age and by Peter Goldsworthy in the Australian Book Review .