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A-Z Index

The original clivejames.com Website featured an "Index" button alongside the "Search" button in the header bar, and also in the page footer. This took the user to a page which effectively duplicated the set of menus displayed in the left-hand column, one for each of the categorised sections selected by the coloured buttons at the head of every page. There was also (in the site's mid-period) a machine-generated (Drupal's Taxonomy VTN) A-Z index of pages by author or principal subject.

As the first functionality can readily be achieved by expanding and searching or scrolling through the section menus, and the second resulted in an incomplete listing, I have decided for the sake of this archive to expand the look-up tool's capability by compiling a full A-Z index, not only of pages but of names: people, places, publications, poetry and prose, podcasts and programmes; the salient contents of every local page on the site will be analysed, ordered, listed and linked. This will be a manual process, and as such will take a little while to finish, especially as I've still to complete some sections' content. I hope I haven't set myself an impossible task!

Please check back from time to time by hitting the "Index" button. Till then, note that the left-column menus will yield every page title, and when expanded (use the "Expand Menu" button) will be searchable using your browser's built-in "Search Page" function, <CTRL>+F (or <CMND>+F on Mac).

— Archive Editor, September 2020