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Late Period poems, interviews, tributes

A selection of broadcast TV interviews from Clive's final few years, conducted mostly at his last home in Cambridge and including some poetry readings. A few of these programmes were edited into tributes following his death in November 2019, but where available we've used the originals.

Featured video: Clive James on being 'Sentenced to Life' and laughing at death | Channel 4 News, March 2013
In her first contribution to Channel 4 News, Billie JD Porter has been to meet Clive James. Two years ago he was more or less pronounced dead. It turns out he is not quite ready for oblivion just yet — and has a new book of poetry out.
Clive James: 'I've almost died a couple of times' | Channel 4 News, July 2013
Polymath and former television presenter and critic Clive James meets Jon Snow in Pembroke College library and talks candidly about his latest book on Dante, his thoughts on the state of TV today and the plight of women in totalitarian regimes, and his own mortality.
Clive James — The Kid From Kogarah | ABC, September 2013
This programme features ABC's Kerry O'Brien in a candid conversation with 73-year-old author and poet Clive James as he faces the biggest challenge of his life, battling two terminal illnesses.
Clive James reads a poem that makes him cry — Canoe by Keith Douglas | BBC Newsnight, April 2014
Clive James, who for years enlightened BBC audiences with his quick wit and humour, reads an emotional piece from a new collection of poems which could apply to him as he suffers from terminal illness. This poem, 'Canoe' by Keith Douglas, should not be confused with Clive's own song lyric of the same name.
Clive James on poetry, family and illness | New Statesman, April 2014
"I’m a bit terrified, this really is the mark of the end". Clive on poetry, family and his illness.
Clive James reads "Driftwood Houses" | New Statesman
Clive James reads "Driftwood Houses", a poem from his 2015 collection Sentenced to Life.
Clive James 'near to death but thankful for life' | BBC News, April 2015
"The grim truth is that I did die and it is my ghost that is talking to you now." 5 years after being diagnosed with terminal leukaemia, Australian broadcaster and poet Clive James says he is near to death but thankful for life.
Clive James battles illness to give video acceptance speech that has audience in laughter | ITV, May 2015
Clive James has been honoured at the BAFTA TV Awards. The writer and presenter, 75, was given a Special Award, a late addition to the awards list by Academy bosses eager to recognise his prolific 50-year career. The Australian-born broadcaster, who confirmed four years ago he was suffering chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, kidney failure and emphysema, was too ill to attend the ceremony in person but still had time to deliver a joke or two during his video acceptance speech.
Clive James: 'Everything I do is writing' | ABC News, August 2015
Having been diagnosed with leukemia in 2010, Clive James tells ABC's Europe correspondent Philip Williams he is as surprised as any to still be writing and producing new work.
Clive James: Lenses Shiver | Ryan Van Winkle's March 2016 interview for the Queensland Poetry Festival
Lenses Shiver is an exclusive in-depth interview and moving reading of new (and some unreleased) work which QPF filmed in his Cambridge home in March 2016. Clive discusses his life, his poetry, his view of Australian poetry past & present, plus his mortality and the Japanese maple that keeps living.
Matt Cooper Meets Clive James — The Last Word | Today FM, May 2016
Matt Cooper of Ireland's Today FM interviews Clive James in his Cambridge home.
ABC 'Lateline' interview, 14th June 2016
ABC's Europe Correspondent Steve Cannane sits down with Clive James in his Cambridge home as the famous Australian expat says he still has more literary works planned, despite his ongoing treatment for leukaemia.
Clive James: his thoughts on Europe and Brexit | Channel 4 News, July 2016
Clive shares his opinions on Politics, Europe and Brexit in conversation with Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow.
Clive James, still alive 5 years after he had written himself off, was in fine form in this BBC interview | Stephen Smith, Newsnight, August 2016
Stricken with leukaemia, Clive James has survived and lived to write about it. In this interview he takes credit for bringing reality TV to the UK, praises the ever improving form of American TV dramas and their box-sets, and pans British Television drama, as well as refusing to talk about his well publicised divorce. Clive is back to his best.
Victoria Derbyshire interviews Clive James on life, infidelity and being lucky | BBC, October 2016
Author, writer and broadcaster Clive James was diagnosed with terminal leukaemia six years ago. He now believes he is at the peak of his career. Victoria Derbyshire went to his home to speak to him about the miracles of modern medicine, his biggest regrets and his plans for the future. BBC News interview
The Howard Interviews: "Australia Made Me"
In 2016, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard came to Cambridge to talk with Clive James about their shared gratitude to Robert Menzies, Australia and the new middle class in which they grew up.
When Mary Beard met Clive James | BBC, Front Row Late, December 2018
Mary Beard interviews Clive James about his book The River in the Sky, which reflects on 'the fragile treasures' of his life. She explores his attitude towards his own mortality and his reflections on being a migrant.
Clive James — writer, broadcaster, poet — dead at 80 | ABC 7/30, November 2019
Clive James always said he was first and foremost a writer, and there is no question he was prolific. His work included TV reviews; several autobiographies, starting with the famous 'Unreliable Memoirs'; poetry and the scripts for his many TV shows. The Australian-born raconteur, who remained the 'kid from Kogarah' despite spending most of his life in the UK, has died at the age of 80.
Clive James — A Tribute | ABC, 30th November 2019
RIP Clive James. Friends and colleagues remember Clive James. Featuring Michael Parkinson, Martin Amis, Eric Idle, Simon Schama, Barry Humphries, Tom Keneally, Howard Jacobson, Phillip Adams and Tim Minchin. Presented by Kerry O'Brien.
Tributes to 'brilliantly funny' Clive James after death, aged 80 | Independent Television News, 27th November 2019
Tributes have been paid to broadcaster Clive James after his death, aged 80. Entertainers from across the industry remembered the "brilliantly funny man" saying his death was a "very sad loss". Mr James died at his home on Sunday, with a funeral being held for him at Pembroke College in Cambridge on Wednesday.
Australian writer and broadcaster Clive James dies aged 80 | ABC News, 27th November 2019
After a long battle with cancer, Australian writer and broadcaster Clive James has died at the age of 80.
Clive James obituary | BBC News at Ten, 27th November 2019
Brief but wide-ranging tribute to Clive on the BBC's News at Ten, on the day his death was announced.
7th April 2021 | Spanish academic Luis Castellví Laukamp publishes Fin de fiesta: Últimos poemas
An old friend of the James's, Laukamp announces his new book, a collection of Clive's late poems translated into Spanish. He introduces Prue as Clive's "widow and muse", and here they recite the Spanish and English versions of 'Return of the Kogarah Kid'.