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“Clive James on Television” and the ‘annuals’

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Clive James 1999: A Night of 1000 Years

The culmination of Clive's Old-Year extravaganzas: here he profiles not only the TV year just ending (1999), but the entire previous nine hundred and ninety-nine! Featured video.

Thanks to The Good Old Days

The 1990s annuals

[ For Clive's Old-Year shows on The 1980s, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994 I selected the best-quality recordings currently (September 2020) in existence on YouTube, only to find that the UMG copyright cops have blocked every last one of them from embedded viewing in friendly players like ours. Here are the links to their wild YouTube instantiations. Take care out there, and come back soon! — Archive Editor ]

Clive James on the 1980s
Clive James on 1990
Clive James on 1991
Clive James on 1992
Clive James on 1993
Clive James on 1994

Clive James on Television

[ I have a dozen or so episodes of this reliably hilarious 1980s ITV series, which I had intended to include in this player. However my efforts have been beset by a series of petty copyright claims. It seems that music copyright holders cannot appreciate that a few bars of one of their songs, chosen for inclusion in a 35-year-old broadcast television programme shared on the Internet, will only enhance the public reputation of the song and of the artist; it will not impact their sales negatively in any way. Yesterday I spent three hours collecting one of these shows (already freely available on YouTube in three parts), seamlessly reassembling the parts into a whole, correcting the aspect ratio of the uploads, resynchronising the audio and re-uploading the results to my YouTube account, only to be notified this morning that "After a manual review, a copyright owner has claimed some material in your video. As a result, your video has been blocked and can no longer be played on YouTube." This is just one example. I don't have the time for such nonsense: regrettably, I shall not now be continuing with the Clive James on Television series.

— Archive Editor, 14th September 2020 ]