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Celebrity Guests

Here is a selection of celebrity interviews conducted by Clive on his TV shows. Some are very low-resolution captures!
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Parkinson, 29th November 2003

The interviewer interviewed: Clive James appears as a guest on Michael Parkinson's chat show, along with Victoria Beckham. Featured video.

Read Clive's introduction to the celebrity guest clips.

Parkinson, 1980

But that wasn't Clive's first appearance on Michael Parkinson's programme. Here he was back in 1980...

Parkinson, 2001

...and he appeared again in 2000 and (here) in 2001.
[We had here a superior 576p copy with intro, but this was blocked on YouTube by BBC Studios]

Aspel & Company, 1986

Clive James guests on Michael Aspel's talk show “Aspel & Company” on London Weekend Television, 25th January 1986. With Jan Francis.

Clive James on Denton, Seven Network (Australia), 26 May 1994

Andrew Denton's guest is Clive James, embarking on a tour of Australia in 1994. For a more serious conversation between these two, fifteen years later on the occasion of Clive's 70th birthday, follow THIS LINK.

The Spice Girls, 1997

“I interviewed the Spice Girls on my weekly show just after they hit the top. They weren't yet getting sick of the act, the work, the fuss or of each other. I have my favourite but I'm not saying which.”

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell.

Jo Brand, 1999

Clive interviews Jo Brand and Geri Halliwell in 1999.

Victoria Wood, 1999

Clive interviews Victoria Wood in 1999.

Victoria Wood, 1996

Clive interviews Victoria Wood in 1996. [VCR tracking error]

Victoria Wood, 1994

Sunday Night Clive : Clive interviews Victoria Wood in 1994.

Victoria Wood, 1990

Clive James was one of Victoria Wood's biggest fans and she appeared on his shows several times. This is a 1990 appearance on Clive James' BBC show..

Peter Cook, 1985, with Victoria Wood.

“For my weekly show, Peter Cook would kindly turn up as per contract even though he would really rather have been doing something else that day. His motivation had been minimal for a long time, ever since he discovered that he could earn a year's salary with a couple of commercials. Whether on or off air, I was always a bit scared of him. He was just so quick.” Here is Peter Cook, interviewed in 1985. Clive's other guest is Victoria Wood.

Peter Cook, 1987

Peter Cook was a regular guest on Clive's TV shows. Here he is on The Late Clive James in 1997. Barry Humphries also guested.

Peter Cook, 1989

Peter Cook passes judgement on television advertisements, travelling on the Tube, the art of striptease (especially as performed by Italian housewives), 'Crimewatch' type shows, Stacy Keach, TV crews, and professional wrestling.

Peter Cook, 1990

Peter Cook guests on Saturday Night Clive in 1990...

Peter Cook, 1991

Peter Cook again guests on Clive James' late-night chat show.

Peter Cook, 1994

Here's Peter Cook once more, on Saturday Night Clive in 1994, the year before hiss death.

With Peter Cook at The Establishment

“I don't know which fanatic pulled these two scenes out of my Postcard from London and re-launched them in cyberspace, but he did us all a favour, because this is one of the few examples of a late-period Cook appearance that shows us the actual man, minus the body-armour of an assumed character and quietly proud of his old stamping ground.”
[Low-quality rip from “Postcard from London”.]

So It Goes

“Back in the 1960s, Tony Wilson’s So it Goes programme for Granada Television was an adventure playground, and it was very nice of him to include solo guest spots for an old square like me. The old square was younger in those days, as can be deduced from the single jaw-line. My brief monologues looked and sounded like an exercise in racing the teleprompter, but they were crucial practise for my later attempts, when I had a show of my own, to pack as much as possible into a paragraph.”. Here's a longer excerpt from the 28th August 1986 edition, featuring Clive's monologue and an interview with Peter Cook.

Joanna Lumley

“The cool Joanna is a great centre of guilt in my life because after one of my several interviews with her I stole something from her, as a stalker will break into his target's bedroom and pilfer an intimate garment. She drew a caricature of me and I not only kept it, I featured it without her permission as the centre-piece on the cover of my volume of collected verse, The Book of My Enemy. The book was an unexpected hit and by now she has not been paid many thousands of times. Soon I will have to ask her”.

Kate Winslet

“When Titanic came out, Kate Winslet’s star rose faster than the ship sank. My staff having discovered the she was employed as cheese-taster in an earlier carnation, I had the right props ready to put her at her ease, and the conversation took off nicely into higher realms”.

Alice Cooper

“Among a bunch of bright American guests, the brightest of them all was Alice Cooper. My interview with him happened late in the 1990s, when the production values of my weekly show were at the height, the design by then being based almost entirely on electronics. But it wouldn’t have worked without human beings, and Alice Cooper, despite appearances, was definitely not an alien. Indeed he was down to earth in every respect: the ideal conversationalist”.

Kenny Everett

Liverpool tape-recorder enthusiast turned offshore 'Big-L' (Radio London) DJ, then top BBC pop radio presenter, later zany TV comic: Kenny Everett guests on Saturday Night Clive.

Jonathan Miller, 1988

The Late Clive James (1988). Clive chats with Robbie Coltrane and Jonathan Miller.

Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller on Saturday Night Clive.

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry as a boy.

Stephen Fry, 1996

26th May 1996, Stephen Fry guests on The Clive James Show.

Stephen Fry, 1998

Stephen Fry returns to The Clive James Show in 1998.

Sunday Night Clive, 3rd April 1994

Clive's guests are Rory Bremner, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Harry Enfield.

The Clive James Show

Rory Bremner, George Hamilton and Greta Scacchi guest on this episode of The Clive James Show.

Saturday Night Clive, 1991

Imelda Marcos, William Shatner, Mel Brooks guest on Saturday Night Clive.

Sunday Night Clive, 1994

6th March 1994 : Series 1, Episode 3 of Sunday Night Clive, with guests Paul Merton, Billy Connolly and David Attenborough.

Billy Connolly, David Attenborough

Clive James interviews Billy Connolly and David Attenborough

Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly in Hollywood

Billy Connolly, 1994

The Clive James Show, 1994 : Clive interviews Billy Connolly

Edwina Currie and Alan Coren

Clive welcomes politician Edwina Currie and humourist writer Alan Coren onto his show.

Dave Allen, 1998

The Clive James Show, February 1998 : Clive interviews Irish comedian Dave Allen.

Spike Milligan, 1995

The Clive James Show, 1995 : Clive interviews treasured arch-Goon, Spike Milligan.

Eddie Izzard, 1996

Eddie Izzard appears on The Clive James Show, 1996.

John Sessions, 1990

John Sessions on Saturday Night Clive, 1990.

John Sessions, 1994

John Sessions on Sunday Night Clive, 1994.

Kylie Minogue, 1995

Kylie Minogue on The Clive James Show, 1995.

Lily Savage, 1995

The Clive James Show, 1995, with Lily Savage.

Lily Savage, 1997

Lily Savage, The Clive James Show, 1997. [Uploaded with incorrect aspect ratio. I'll try to find time to trim this and fix the correct 4:3 frame — Archive Ed.]

Alexei Sayle, 1995

The Clive James Show, 25th June 1995 : Clive James interviews Alexei Sayle.

The Clive James Interview, BBC2 17th February 1991 : Carrie Fisher

Clive James talks to Carrie Fisher in Los Angeles..

Carrie Fisher

Clive James talks to Carrie Fisher in London.

Ruby Wax, 1994

Ruby Wax on Sunday Night Clive, 27th February 1994.

Michael Palin, 1994

Former member of Monty Python's Flying Circus, now popular travel broadcaster, Michael Palin meets Clive on Sunday Night Clive, 27th February 1994.

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross.

The Muppets, 1996

The Clive James Show : Kermit (Jim Henson) and Miss Piggy (Frank Oz) interview Clive James.

Lulu, 1997

Former Glaswegian pop belter Lulu (now Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, OBE) appears on The Clive James Show in 1997.

Lulu, 2005


Paul Ross

Paul Ross, Jonathan's big brother, on The Clive James Show

Joan Collins, 1992

Joan Collins on The Clive James Show

Frank Bruno

The Clive James Show with former heavyweight boxer Frank Bruno.

Liza Minelli

The Clive James Show : Liza Minelli guests.

Margarita Pracatan

Margarita Pracatan this time takes centre stage on The Clive James Show.