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Interviews – ABC Radio (Australia) Broadcasts

My original intention for this page was to build an audio playlist, much as I've done for the BBC interviews, but in fact most of these programmes are still available in transcript form or as Podcasts for download from the ABC Radio website. Etiquette, if not copyright, requires that (at least for the time being) I provide links to the items hosted there rather than stream the audio from this archive.

Archive editor, July 2020

The Margaret Throsby Interviews — Clive James in 2003 (55m)

The Music Show, 2003 — Rock lyricist: 'the most important thing I did' (34m)

Big Weekend of Books, 11 May 2012 — Mark Colvin(24m)

Friday Late, 3 Aug 2012 — Mark Colvin on Nefertiti in the Flak Tower (54m)

Poetica, 17 May 2014 — Abundance in a Small Space, Mary Gearin (37m)

PM, 25 Nov 2014 — Mark Colvin on Poetry Notebook (10m)

Sounds of Summer, 25 Dec 2014 — Mark Colvin with Clive James (25m)

PM, 21 Aug 2015 — Mark Colvin, Life through the prism of illness (8m)

Books and Arts, 23 Sep 2015 — Fiona Gruber, Writing in the face of death (32m)

PM, Summer Series, 16 Dec 2015 — Mark Colvin, In the face of death (24m)

Clive James tackles Proust, 21 Jun 2016 — Michael Cathcart (13m)

TV Club, 24 Aug 2016, — Fiona Gruber, Clive James on his lifelong love of television (26m)

The Art of Songwriting and Loose Canon, 16 Nov 2016 — Mark Colvin (7m)

Sounds of Summer: Clive James on Songwriting, 9 Jan 2017 — Mark Colvin (24m)

Clive James dies at 80, 28 Nov 19 — Linda Mottram (5m)

Lingua Franca May 2006 — The Continuing Insult to the English Language (14m)