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Poems from ‘The Book of My Enemy’

The CD cover copy of the MacMillan digital audio book reads as follows:

"Verse with all the vivid invention of Clive James' unique prose style, combined with a sense of rhythm, cadence and memorable form that is equally and entirely his own...

Following the publication in his 1986 collection, Other Passports, Clive James has emerged as one of the most prominent poets of his generation, going to publish new works in such mainstream outlets as the TLS, the London Review of Books, the Spectator, the New Yorker and the Australian Book Review, and now culminating in this updated collection."

See the menu on the right* for links to a three-poem sample from the disc.

* [ At the time of compiling this section of the archive (July 2020) I had no copy of this disc or the recordings it contained, with the sole exception of the title poem, which I have included in the 'Middle Period Poems' player. As noted elsewhere, the online versions were lost when the original disappeared in 2018. When I obtain copies I shall add them to the player.
— Archive Editor ]