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Other poets reading aloud

As noted elsewhere in this section, audio material hosted at appears to have been lost on the failure of the website's hosting, sometime in 2018. However some of Clive's selections in this category are available for free online streaming from sites such as the admirable Poetry Archive (, so I have been able to compile the following collection of off-site links to represent the contents of this page's original version.

Archive editor, July 2020

John Betjeman

Judith Beveridge

Judith Beveridge reads a sample of three poems from her disc Cut by Stars, one of a series from the River Road Press. As listeners will have already learned from her poems in our [Poetry] section, hers is the voice to convince us that we have not only never looked hard enough at nature, we have barely noticed it at all. Purchase Judith Beveridge's CD from River Road Press.

William Empson

Stephen Edgar

These three poems by Stephen Edgar, read by their author, are a sample from his disc Photography for Beginners, issued as one of a series from the River Road Press. Another poem on the disc, “Man on the Moon” (also available in our [Poetry] section), would be among my candidates for the title of Most Beautiful Poem Published in Australia since WWII. One of the supreme modern masters of poetic structure reveals that it all starts with getting something said. Purchase Stephen Edgar's CD from River Road Press.

James Fenton

Seamus Heaney

Galway Kinnell

Philip Larkin

Louis MacNeice

Les Murray

These three poems by Les Murray, recited by their author, are only a sample of the wealth contained on his disc Les Murray Reads His Poems, which is available from the website Poetry Bookshop Online. Be a privileged audience of one for the kind of performance with which this master poet can hold an auditorium full of people mesmerised, many of them becoming aware for the first time that the language they speak is a bottomless reservoir of music.

An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow
The Power Line Incarnation
Employment for the Castes in Abeyance

Sylvia Plath

Anthony Thwaite

Richard Wilbur

W B Yeats