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Cordelia Beresford — Brief Biography

Cordelia Beresford is a filmmaker who has won numerous awards as a director and cinematographer. Born in the UK and based mainly in Sydney, she did an undergraduate degree at Cambridge in Philosophy and History of Art, where her thesis on the Swedish cinematographer Sven Nykvist sparked a desire to become a filmmaker of some sort. She worked for a few years in London as a researcher and director on visual art programmes before moving to Sydney where she trained in camera and lighting for an MA Hons at the Australian Film, TV and Radio School. She left with the main awards for her graduation film Restoration. Next came the short thriller Look, made for Film Four’s “Jump Cuts” series for new directors. After working primarily as a Director of Photography on Australian film ABD Television, she returned to writing and directing with the psychological-horror short The Eye Inside, which won the prestigious Dendy Award for Best Short Film at the 2006 Sydney Film Festival and was screened on national television.

She was DoP on the theatrical feature Pao’s Story that was the Vietnamese Academy Awards entry for 2006 and has photographed numerous other drama and television work. In 2007 she directed a film for ABC Australia with Sydney Dance Company choreographed by Narelle Benjamin, a contemporary dancer she has a strong collaboration with. Cordelia has twice won Best Film in the Australian National Dance Awards and has lectured in dance filmmaking at the University of New South Wales. She is currently developing a new video work based on an indigenous woman’s ghost, and is dabbling with various feature scripts.

Contact: <beresford.cordelia[at]>

Cordelia Beresford filming in Vietnam.