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Olly and Suzi

Arctic Desert Ocean JungleNew Elements
Arctic Desert Ocean JungleNew Elements

Olly & Suzi were with our Welcome Stranger enterprise from the beginning, before this website branched off under my name. An interview with the pair of them is still running in the Video section. At their flattering invitation, I wrote the introduction for their beautiful book Olly & Suzi: Arctic Desert Ocean Jungle, whose cover is reproduced below. It was published in the US by Abrams in 1998, with additional photos by Greg Williams, and I count it as pretty much the most amazing printed work I have ever been associated with. Also to be seen below is the cover of the catalogue for Olly & Suzi: New Elements, their exhibition at the Briggs Robinson Gallery in New York in May and June 2005. Six images from that exhibition can be reached through the links on the right. The images have been chosen by my assistant Cécile, who has a passion for this aspect of their work, although she finds their wild dog that hangs in my living room “un peu skanky.

For more pictures and information, see the Olly & Suzi website

Currently unavailable on BBC iPlayer, the BBC4 Storyville documentary
Wild Art: Olly and Suzi Paint Predators may now be viewed here