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Frank Watson

Frank Watson has an acute eye for alien strangeness here on Earth. One of the hangovers from the Cold War is a vast collection of uncanny buildings lurking in the backblocks of the English landscape: hangars, radar domes, jet-blast walls. His book The Hush House: Cold War Sites in England (Art Data, 2004) presents a haunting collection of his photographs of these weird structures, many of them still tucked away behind high-security fencing. The military no longer has any use for them but nobody else is allowed to use them either. They are just there. As well as being an active photographer, Frank Watson is currently doing research into the relationship between sound and photography. Some of the preliminary results of his research were broadcast in 2005 on the London arts-based FM station Resonance Radio. There will also be photographic work, accompanied by an essay, published in a forthcoming book produced in conjunction with the University of Central London. For further details about The Hush House, see

See also Frank Watson's new work in Soundings from the Estuary (Contemporary Urban Centre, London SE1, 20th June - 20th July 2008).