Gallery: Video Art: Éléonore Saintagnan, <i>Orgasmic Power</i> |
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Éléonore Saintagnan : Orgasmic Power : series of New Age performances, Summer 2007

(presented by Cécile Menon)

“Following a relationship break-up, Éléonore Saintagnan joined a self-discovery training course in Normandy. Based on techniques closed to tantrism and hypnosis, the training helps women to harness their orgasmic potential, and teaches them how to find a source of energy that enables them to lift weights of up to 600 kilos. By using this energy for artistic creation, the artist is currently engaged in the making of a series of performances, sculptures and photographs which give credibility to Freud’s theory according to which artistic creation is the sublimation of a sexual impulse (redirected towards socially acceptable activities). Here are three photographs of performances that took place in Normandy and in Paris.”

(Translated from the French by C. Menon.)

Breaking a brick with one’s hand

Jump up in the air, very high

Conquer one’s fear of heights