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Old Website Updates, 2012–2013

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Dawn Mancer's updates for February 2013:

Quiet times for the website over the last few months as Clive continues to gather his strength but readers can expect new poetry and book details soon. Extracts from The Metropolitan Critic are now complete. There are additions to The Poetry Notebook and a transcript for Clive's acceptance of the Premier's Special Award speech.


As of July 2012:

Work continues on site in its necessarily quiet but nonetheless determined way. Clive's out of print books are an ongoing project. At the Pillars of Hercules  is now complete and extracts from The Metropolitan Critic are being uploaded apace. There are new profiles under the Author section and Clive's media near death and resurrection is documented in a new essay Still Here. Continuing the moribund theme of 2012 there is also a new poem Procedure for Disposal available in the Poetry section. Following Clive's interview on the Radio 4 show Meeting Myself Coming Back, the site was inundated with emails of good wishes. Clive has read each and every message and whilst unable to reply to every individual, thanks you all wholeheartedly for your support.



As of February 2012
This month much work has been completed on uploading extracts to the collection of essays "At the Pillars of Hercules". There is also new Pete Atkin link PA Rock Legacy.


As of January 2012:

Happy New Year to everyone from team Clive & thank you for all the well wishes he has received through email. The out of print essay collection: 'Even As We Speak' is now complete. Series 6 of Talking in the Library has new video extracts available here. There is a new music video of Wilhelm Kempff located here and a new prose find on Don Paterson writing about Shakespeare's sonnets.