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Even As We Speak

New Essays 1993–2001

Picador paperback, 2001
To Christopher Hitchens
in affectionate disagreement

Mankind is conservative. When this tendency weakens, however, revolutions devote themselves to its renewal.

— Ernesto Sabato, Uno y el universo

The generations work within each other in the most amazing way, and it doesn't need the Kingdom of Death to bring people of profoundly different times together in speech.

— Golo Mann, Friedrich von Gentz

Just as to the eyes of the emigrant who goes home after a long exile the familiar appears stripped clean, so the assimilated man possesses a particular acuity of gaze: the cultural manifestations with which he lacks an intimacy become the frozen material of his absorption, and thus reveal their structures all the more clearly.

— Jürgen Habermas, Philosophische-Politische Profile