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May Week was in June


1Gentlemen, Sport Your Oaks!
2The Dear Old College
3Sleeping Tiger
4Unquiet Flow the Dons
5Yanks on the Cam
6Meet Keith Visconti
7The Ostrich Alternative
8Well Interrupted, Pembroke
9Wanting and Found Tested
10Attack of the Killer Bee
11Full Velvet Jacket
12Hell Below Zero
13Fantasy Island
14Frisbees Fly at Dusk
15Hit of the Fringe
16Black Tie, White Knuckles
17With a Human Face
18The Kid’s Last Fight

“Arriving in Cambridge on my first day as an undergraduate, I could see nothing except a cold white October mist. At the age of twenty-four I was a complete failure, with nothing to show for my life except a few poems nobody wanted to publish in book form.”

Falling Towards England — the second volume of Unreliable Memoirs — was meant to be the last. Thankfully, that's not the case. In Unreliable Memoirs III, May Week Was in June, Clive details his time at Cambridge, including film reviewing, writing poetry, falling in love (often), and marrying (once) during May Week — which was not only in June but also two weeks long ...

First published 1990 by Jonathan Cape.

in memoriam
Mark Boxer and Tom Weiskel
and to
Gabriella Rosselli del Turco
where she lies sleeping

To Norman North,
with thanks

“I realise very well that the reader has no great need to know all this; but I need to tell him.”
— Rousseau, Les Confessions

“I wear a suit of armour made of nothing but my mistakes.”
— Pierre Reverdy, quoted by Ernst Jünger in Das zweite Pariser Tagebuch, 21 February 1943

“I've never made any secret of the fact that I'm basically on my way to Australia.”
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