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Old Website Updates, 2009–2010

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 As of November 2010:

We have had a very productive month on site in November, it has been great to have Clive back on full throttle.  Clive's new poem "Whitman and the Moth", which attracted a lot of comment when it appeared in the New Yorker, can be read here and another poem "The Buzz" has also been uploaded.  We have an interview with the poet Christian Wiman available in the Essays section. There is also a new Prose Find in Gregory A. Petsko and  a moving version of Elgar's Nimrod features in Video Finds.  The fourth chapter of Fame in the 20th Century is now available.


 As of October 2010:

A start has been made on yet another mammoth task: namely archiving Clive's book Fame in the 20th Century with introductions and the first three chapters available this month. and many more to follow.  An article on Broadway in One Book is also online in the Essays section under Articles since The Meaning of Recognition.


As of August & September 2010:

A busy month on the site as Clive James regains his vigour after a brief spell of downtime. He has published five new poems in Standpoint available at the following locations: Same River TwiceHabituésThe Falcon Growing Old, Continental Silentia and Plate Tectonics. We are also introducing a new Guest Poet in the shape of Daniel Brown with a selection of his poetry. We have uploaded an exciting new Prose Find by writer David Free (about Thirty Rock) and there is also a new article by Guest Writer Nichola Deane available here. The archiving of Clive's book Flying Visits is also now complete.


As of June & July 2010:

Peter Porter, a great friend of this site’s founder and one of the most important poets of his time,  died recently. To add to the extensive body of his work  featured on the site, Clive’s TLS reminiscence of Peter Porter can be reached here, and an elegaic poem, called “Silent Sky”, has also been uploaded. There is a new poem , “Book Review”, to celebrate the publication of a thirty-year scholarly project by Clive’s wife, Prue Shaw. Also a new Prose Find in the shape of Rachel Cooke writing on Philip Larkin has been added. The mammoth typing project continues with many chapters from Clive James' now out of print book "Visions Before Midnight


As of April & May 2010:

Taking a lot of typing from his assistant and a lot of work from myself, the completed reviews from Clive James' out of print book 'The Crystal Bucket' have at last been loaded onto the site. New poems, that we hope you will enjoy, are also available: Language Lessons, And Then They Dream of Love, Australia Felix, Stage Door Rocket Science, Andantino and A Perfect Market.


As of February & March 2010:

A relatively quiet two months on the site as we ironed out some glitches to do with the new layout. However, we have added an interview with Stephen Edgar and a new prose find by A.A. Gill writing on his dyslexia - both should prove interesting for our readers. Latest reviews for Clive James' "Blaze of Obscurity" are now also available on the site.


As of January 2010:

We enter the new decade with an improved structure for the site that we hope breaks it down into something more manageable for both readers and managers alike. The second series of Radio Four's 2009 Point of View is now complete, and we look forward to putting a lot more on the site this coming year.


As of November & December 2009:

We have had a relatively quiet time in terms of uploads in the latter part of this year, as we worked frantically in the background to create a new more logical layout for a site of these proportions. However, the second series of Radio Four's Point of View is almost complete under the Audio section.


As of October 2009:

TEXT:  Two new poems from Clive James have been added to the site - The Later Yeats and Numismatics. Extracts from the book "The Crystal Bucket" are now complete. A summary and reviews for Clive James' new book "The Blaze of Obscurity" are also available.

VIDEO:  Some changes to copyright have come into effect across on YouTube and we have had to remove some broken links to video throughout the site. We try our hardest to catch them and amend our links accordingly, but please contact us if you find any that we have missed. 


As of September 2009:

TEXT:  Extracts from the out of print book "The Crystal Bucket" continue to be added in a steady stream. A new Standpoint article on Honour Crimes has been uploaded. There is also a new article on Stephen Edgar. David Gilmour writes on Tolstoy in Prose Finds. There are three new pieces available from Guest Writer Antonia Quirke and a new poem by Clive James 'Beachmaster' has been loaded.

VIDEO: Series 5 of Talking in the Library is now complete with interviews with Nick Hornby and Stephen Fry.


As of August 2009:

TEXT: There are two new articles available on the site: Poetry Heaven, Election Hell and Mad about Mad Men. There are also two more new poems available from Clive James: Spectre of the Rose and Monja Blanca. A german translation of his Meteor IV at Cowes poem and a video reading of Oval Room, Wallace Collection have also been uploaded. In Poetry Notebook there is also a new article The Necessary Minimum.

VIDEO: Two more interviews are available from Series 5 of Talking in the  Library featuring Claire Tomalin and Jeremy Irons. The expertise of Osvaldo Zotto dancing the tango is celebrated in Video Finds as is the dancing of Alessandra Ferri.


As of July 2009:

TEXT: There are two new articles on the site about the Oxford Poetry Professorship and John Updike's last poems. There are also new poems available from Clive James: Nefertiti in the Flak Tower and Message from the Moon.

AUDIO: A Point of View Series One 2009 is now complete and available online.


As of June 2009:

ABOUT: An important review of this website by The Good Web Guide is now included in this section.


As of May 2009:

AUDIO: Series One of a new season of Radio 4's Point of View continues to be made available online.

TEXT: Read reviews of Angels over Elsinore - the new book of poems from Clive James and purchase it from the online shop. 


As of March 2009:

New links under the heading "Other Poets reading aloud" lead to the rich treasury of recordings already assembled by the Poetry Archive

Dick Cavett interviews John Cheever and John Updike under Incidentals

Francis Wheen's Semi-detached and Sodomy and the lash - the first of a proposed selection of pieces from his wide range of journalism.

Transcript of Guest Writer Nichola Deane's interview with Clive James on the subject of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Clive James April - July 2009 Tour Dates have been added under Events 2009


As of February 2009:

Talking in the Library, Series 5, Clive James in conversation with Catherine Tate


As of January 2009:

Clive James BBC Radio 4 A Point of View
Transcripts and recordings of the 2008 second series of broadcasts, including:
"National identity": on national pride and humour
"Wrap it up": on creativity and charity in a market economy
"New Year prediction": on getting rich quick

Talking in the Library, Series 5, Clive James in conversation with Alexei Sayle
Music Finds: Roy Orbison ("In Dreams") and Jefferson Airplane ("Somebody to Love")
Interview of Clive James about the 2008 Orwell Prize, and his acceptance speech for the Orwell Special Prize for lifetime achievement in Journalism and broadcasting

Guest Writer Nichola Deane's new essay on poet Don Paterson, "Paterson resonant"
Prose Finds: on philosopher John Rawls, by David Gordon; and on W.H. Auden, by Richard King



As of April 2009:

Series One of a new season of Radio 4's Point of View is being made available a week after each programme is aired.

Clive James interviews Victoria Wood for series 5 of Talking in the Library.

There are more cutting pieces of political journalism from Francis Wheen featured under Guest Writers.