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Old Website Updates, 2011

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As of November & December 2011:

This month work has continued on uploading extracts from the out of print essay collection: 'Even As We Speak'. Clive has a DVD collection available to purchase by clicking here.


As of October 2011:

Clive James has been rather unwell for most of the summer so uploads on the site have taken a back seat to general maintenance and tidying. Now that he is happily back holding the reins we have started to upload extracts from the out of print collection of essays: 'Even As We Speak'. A link to CJ's articles in The Telegraph is now also available in the 'Essays' section.


As of July 2011

The observant will spot a new 'Web' main header on the site, Clive plans to expand on this in earnest in the coming few months. There are articles on Rupert Murdoch from Deborah Orr and Timothy Garton Ash in 'Prose Finds'. Series 1 to 4 from 'Talking in the Library' is again available online after a brief technical hiccup. Extracts from the book 'Meaning of Recognition' continue to be uploaded, new additions include: A Nightclub in Bali and General Election 2001. There are new profiles of Clive in the 'Author' section by David Free, Driftless Area and The Observer.


As of May 2011:

A busy month on site as the "Essays" and "Books" sections have had a restructure in order to get them into bikini-body shape for summer. There have been many more extracts completed for The Meaning of Recognition including those on: Frank Kermode, Shakespeare, Peter Porter, The West Wing, Fast Talking Dames and Save Us from Celebrity. There are two new poems from Clive: Spray of Jasmine and A Bracelet for Geoffrey Hill. We have also uploaded a new article Hollywood Love Story.

As of April 2011:

Clive would like to thank all the readers of this site who have contacted him to send messages of good will and share their stories of hope after his recent health troubles. The press stories about him he finds unduly dramatic: he is an outpatient with nothing to "battle" against except heaps of pills every morning. Meanwhile work continues apace. In the "Essays" section we have uploaded the Drumming of an Army originally published in Standpoint in March. More new extracts from The Meaning of Recognition have been added to the site, including those on: Aldous Huxley and Bing Crosby as well as the Title Essay. In the "Poetry" section there are two new poems by Clive: Against Gregariousness and Pennies for the Shark.



As of March 2011:

The "Current Books" section of the site is in the process of being given a structural overhaul and beneath it, several new extracts from The Meaning of Recognition have been added to the site, including those on: Pushkin, Primo Levi, Polanski and Larkin. In the "Essays" section there is a new article on Michael Longley's New Book. Clive's artist daughter, Claerwen, has provided some videos of her creating and signing monoprints in the "Gallery" section.



As of February 2011:

We have a whole new Poetry sub-section on the site entitled Back from the Web where Clive’s migrant poems are re-homed back to the site complete with the embellishments gained on their journeys such as sonorous readers and illustrations. Chapters Six, Seven and Eight are now available for the out of print Fame in the 20th Century. There are additional reviews for some of our Guest Poets including John Stammers and Les Murray and German translations available for the following poems by Clive: Nefertiti in the Flak Tower, Paddington Departures and Continental Silentia. There is also another Current Interest article on Extremism in the "Essays" section.


As of December 2010 and January 2011:

Quite a busy couple of months on site, despite the interruption of the holidays. Many tweaks and changes will remain unnoticeable to all but the eagle-eyed as we strive to keep up the standards that Clive demands. Poems have been added: Fashion Statement and Sunday Morning Walk. There is a new Current Interest article: LRB Liberalism Letter and a whole new Prose Find in Zadie Smith writing on The Social Network. In our “Books Out of Print” section, the list of essays has now been augmented with the complete text of “A Blizzard of Tiny Kisses”, the classic, much-anthologised review of the Judith Kranz novel Princess Daisy. There are links to Clive's quotes in the "Author" section and more profiles of the man and reviews of his work included under relevant titles in the "Books" section.