Lyrics: Sunrise |
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by Clive James and Pete Atkin

A razzle-dazzle kind of glamour in the sky
No more
Than just the glimmer of a star nearby and bright

I've seen it turn the trick a thousand times
And send the millions wild with joy
Whereas for me it's just a toy
That flying horses dragged up from the sea

How little thought it takes, how little time it leaves
Not long
Before she wakes to dress and then she leaves your eyes

For very soon the sun will come for her
And it will carry her from you
It's seen too many men like you
To care how soon it chooses to arise

Already seems as if it's moving in to stay
The wide and steady smile that says "The day is mine"

How many clever men have called the sun
A fool before today
"O unruly sun" they say
"For stepping in to take my love away"

It's time to make a move, it's time to rise and shine
Shaking your shoulder murmurs "Everything looks fine"
And takes your love away