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Other Passports :  Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements are due to the editors of Encounter, the Listener, the London Review of Books, the New Review, the New Statesman, the Observer and the Times Literary Supplement, in which some of these poems first appeared.

Some of the earlier poems appeared in the Sydney University magazines Arna, Hermes and Pluralist; Melbourne University Magazine; and the Cambridge University magazines Carcanet, Inverse, Granta, Pawn and Solstice.

Some poems have been anthologised in Young Commonwealth Poets ’65, edited by P. L. Brent; New Poems, 1971–1972, edited by Peter Porter; New Poems 1972–1973, edited by Douglas Dunn; Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, edited by John Wain; Brand X Poetry, edited by Willian Zaranka; The Faber Book of Parodies, edited by Simon Brett; The Oxford Book of Satiricak Verse, edited by Geoffrey Grigson; The Penguin Australian Book of Satirical Verse, edited by Philip Neilsen; and The New Oxford Book of Australian Verse, edited by Les A. Murray.