Lyrics: Here We Stay: The Colours Of The Night / Last Ditch |
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Here We Stay : The Colours Of The Night / Last Ditch

by Clive James and Pete Atkin

 The frozen rain, the swinging gate
 The tinge of blood, the hinge of fate
 An ill wind, and it's getting late
 But here we stay
(Here we stay)
 And it is death to wait
 But here we stay

 Behold the colours of the night
 The crimson lake, the china white
 They crackle in their drifting flight
 They fade away
(They fade away)
 And we are cruelly scarred
 But here we stay

The wall that we were sent to guard
Was taller than a man
Before this thing began
But here we stay

 Nobody calls the battle lost
 While we are here to pay the cost
 Breathing a cloud into the frost
 For come what may
(Come what may)
 We drink a witches' brew
 And here we stay

Where they are many we are few
And poor where they are rich
This is the last ditch
And here we stay

 The hymn of hate, the cry of pain
 The swinging gate, the frozen rain
 The dawn burns like the brand of Cain
 And here we stay
(Here we stay)
 But who can count the slain
 Here we stay
(Here we stay)

 They are the scythe, we are the grain
 And here we stay
 Here we stay