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Bigger than a Man

Bigger than a man, the wedding tackle
Of the male blue whale is a reminder
There can be potent spouses who stay true.
As he nuzzles up behind her
He gives hard evidence that he is always keen,
And when they have lain face to face awhile
Like two blimps that have seen The Blue Lagoon,
He brings the Sunday papers up to bed.
With a whole globe of ocean for a boudoir
Their pillow talk has not been much recorded,
But there have been some transcripts:
‘Baweeng bok eeng,’ he sings, and she:
‘Baweeng chock. Eeng bawok eeng chunk.’
Some experts think that ‘eeng’ must mean ‘again’:
She asks for more of what he always gives.
Well, that would fit, as his impressive member
Lodges in her blancmange-lined sleeping bag.
There are no blue whale marriage guidance counsellors
Except perhaps one, seen alone near Cape Town.
She sang ‘eeng’, always with a plangent cadence.
She sang ‘eeng’ only. ‘Eeng eeng. Eeng eeng eeng.’