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Dream after Dream

All those major league imaginings. …
Given the hours I devoted to them,
It’s not improper, in the scheme of things,
To take half a minute to review them. 

The steal, the diving catch (to talk about
Kinetic heaven), the going to my right
To glove and wheel and gun the runner out,
The joy of being borne (against the sight

Of thousands of fedoras in the air)
Upon the grateful shoulders of a team
(The Dodgers) from the field (Ebbets) where
I’ve cleared the wall with one. … Dream after dream –

The lot (to state, as now I’m able to,
A truth as patent as a truth can get)
With as good a chance of ever coming true
As certain dreams from earlier. A set

Of fantasies that ran along the lines
Of throwing cars around (thereby waylaying
Many a creep with criminal designs),
Flying planelessly (at times betraying

A light residuum of Super-youth
By veering from my route to pierce a cloud),
Trading cape for tie in a telephone booth,
Stepping from it and melting into the crowd.