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Other Passports :  Contents

All items were reprinted in The Book of my Enemy
— clicking a title will take you to that collection


The Book of My Enemy Has Been Remaindered
Sack Artist
The Supreme Farewell of Handkerchiefs
A Gesture towards James Joyce
Thoughts on Feeling Carbon-Dated
Johnny Weissmuller Dead in Acapulco
Reflections on a Cardboard Box
The Philosophical Phallus
Egon Friedell’s Heroic Death
Homage to Rafinesque
Will Those Responsible Come Forward?
Echo Echo Echo
The Anchor of the Sirius
The Ferry Token
A Valediction for Philip Larkin


From Robert Lowell’s Notebook
Once Smitten, Twice Smitten
Adrian Henri Wants to Write Poems
R. S. Thomas at Altitude
Edward Estlin Cummings Dead
John Wain’s Letters to Five More Artists
Symptoms of Self-Regard
Richard Wilbur’s Fabergé Egg Factory
Godfrey in Paradise
The Wasted Land
After Such Knowledge
What About You? asks Kingsley Amis
The North Window


To Russell Davies: a letter from Cardiff
To Martin Amis: a letter from Indianapolis
To Pete Atkin: a letter from Paris
To Prue Shaw: a letter from Cambridge
To Tom Stoppard: a letter from London
To Peter Porter: a letter to Sydney
To Michael Frayn: a letter from Leningrad
To Craig Raine: a letter from Biarritz
To Gore Vidal at Fifty
To Anthony Thwaite at Fifty


As I See You
The Deep Six
Berowra Waters, New South Wales
The Morning from Cremorne, Sydney Harbour
The Lady in Mourning at Camelot
Four Poems about Porpoises
The Banishment
The Crying Need for Snow
The Glass Museum
The Young Australian Rider, P. G. Burman
A Line and a Theme from Noam Chomsky
The Outgoing Administration
Neither One Thing Nor the Other
Le Cirque imaginaire at Riverside Studios


An Address to the Nation
Poem of the Year