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Urban Guerilla

by Clive James and Pete Atkin

Automatic weapons rake the roof
Powdered concrete hangs around like spray
He huddles underneath the parapet
And knows there is no way
This is as far as he will get

The hostages and all his friends are dead
His turn is coming soon
What was it that motherfucker said?
Better chance of conquering the moon
He holds his ringing head

The happy endings never came
The terrors were seldom just a dream
Bambi was finished by the flame
You still could hear him scream
Snow White was rubbed out by the witch
Mary Poppins never made the scene
Mother Goose was just another bitch
Full of bullshit like the Fairy Queen

The gas grenades are telling him to run
He does and something hits him like a wall
It sends him back where he has always been
His nightmares laugh to see him fall

I told you they were gonna bust your ass
Says Tom Thumb inside an upturned glass