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Hard-Core Orthography

In porno-speak, reversion to the Latin
Consoles us. ‘Cum.’ Cum laude we construe
As an audible orgasm. By that pattern,
Cum grano salis overturns the salt
With a thrashing climax when her urge to screw
Right there at dinner must be satisfied.
Cum vulpibus vulpinandum. While with foxes —
Caught in flagrante, high-heeled shoes flung wide
In satin sheets — do as the foxes do.
With aching wrist and pouting like a dolt,
Linguistically we still tick the right boxes:
You made mecum, she moans as she comes to.
Thus moved, her airbag lips look cumbersome
In the best sense. Maybe she’s not so dumb.
Dum spiro, spero. How was it for you?