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Queen Of Lights

by Clive James and Pete Atkin

The day they make me Queen of Lights
That day I'll kiss the world goodbye
From then until the day I die
My way will be a street of nights

And then I'll bulk a mile tall
In sheets of flame I will arise
From roads of glass behind my eyes
I'll look below and see it all

They'll look amazed from in my head
Through those two giant blackened rings
They'll see the Valley of the Kings
And gangways for the walking dead

Each ear will be a tilting dish
For listening to the light draw near
From stars retreating year by year
That whisper "You shan't have your wish"

And then will come my night of nights
My voice will be the only one
I'll stop the rising of the sun
And be the only Queen of Lights

A hulking shadow in the sky
I'll shape the world to my desire
Unleashing mighty lines of fire
To scorch the cruel and scotch the lie

How truly marvellous to be me
The day they make me Queen of Lights
And live with me my perfect nights
When all can see what I can see

Remember well what I have said
They'll call me any minute now
To powder down my sweating brow
And lift me from this lonely bed