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The Sun Was In My Eyes

by Clive James and Pete Atkin

I never cared a bit
That was just a way of talking
The truth is I was glad of it
When one day he kept right on walking
What they're saying is all lies
I never got hard to be with
It's just that my time isn't something I'm free with
And anyway the sun was my eyes

I never fell that hard
My world never turned around him
The truth is I was on my guard
I left him pretty much as I found him
And nothing changed when he left me
I never had hell to be in or go through
And I have this reserve that nothing can show through
And anyway I prefer to be free

To be myself
The only person I can trust
The only one I can depend on
Why should I care if I end on
The shelf?

I never shed a tear
When he took his goods and chattels
The truth is I like it here
Without the clutter and the battles
What they're saying is all lies
Staying in love takes a lot of arranging
And you can't stay the same with the whole world changing
A girl just has to grow
So what they're saying isn't so
And anyway the sun was in my eyes