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The Long Goodbye

by Clive James and Pete Atkin

If I'd only known you'd take so long to leave
You can bet I would have fought on longer
I would have said more, I would have put it stronger

In the coffee shop I'm hearing you laugh still
In that awful western we adored together
The hero still rides slowly up to tether
His wonder horse one-handed as if looks could kill

If I'd only known then quite what to believe
Believe me, I'd have hit the panic button
That I'd have done that, that much you can bet on

Where we walked together we go walking yet
Those L-plate cygnets haven't yet decided
To glide on in the way their mother glided
It looks dodgy as it did the day we met

If I'd only known your voice would still be here
You may be certain I'd have never ever
Let you pack and walk away from me forever

My dreams are the Novocaine that doesn't take
On the day bed where you lay down beside me
I still lay down to sleep and woe betide me
If I ever think of you as I lie there awake

If I'd only known if I'd had some way of knowing
If I'd known the thought of you would go on growing
There'd have been no question of you ever going