Lyrics: Together At Last |
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Together At Last

by Clive James and Pete Atkin

Together at last
Buddies on the road
Cain and Abel, Lombard and Grable
Rosewall and Hoad

Together at last
Soulmates slowly ride
Frank and Jessie, Billie and Bessie
Jekyll and Hyde

For I on my own am but one man alone
And I know that the same goes for you
But when we team up we are two-

-Gether at last
Hearts that beat as one
Swift and Stella, Perry and Della
Dombey and Son

Together at last
Boldly we move on
Ike and Tina, Frederick and Nina
Pope and Dryden, Mozart and Haydn,
Clyde and Bonnie, Ronnie and Ronnie
Yoko and John
Yoko and John?
Yoko and John
Travelling on....