Lyrics: The Paper Wing Song |
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The Paper Wing Song

(words and melody by Clive James)

I had a phase
Of doing silly things
I did these crazy
Willy-nilly things
To be with you
I'd put on paper wings

Oh it was fine
I was just half in love
I called you mine
With a half-laughing love
Pups call it calf-
Calves call it puppy-love

Then it got bad
One minute on my own
And I'd go mad
Tied to the telephone
I couldn't be
Breathe eat or sleep alone

Dignity flew
I didn't give a damn
Whether they knew
I'd come to live a sham-
-bles of a life
Simply to be with you

I'd wait for you till any time
In any room, tell any lies
The morning found me many times
Watching the light open your eyes

And only you I waited on
I doted on, I fauned upon
For always till the day that I
Opened my eyes and found you gone

That was the day
When I began to be
In every way
By anyone but me
Harder to please
Easily turned away

If I should cry
While I'm forgetting you
Remember I'm
Slowly forgetting too
How light and high
I flew on paper wings

How light and high
I flew on paper wings