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The King Is Dead

by Clive James and Pete Atkin

The girl had a way with her
Quick to laugh and slow to worry
Every blessed day with her
Went by in an awful hurry
Things were so different then
Going my way
That was the way to be alive

I can still hear her now
Wild little lies she told me
If I were near her now
Nothing in the world could hold me
I'd be all set again
Going OK
That was the way to be alive

Some people walk on air
And everyone seems to love them
With her it was hardly fair
She walked an inch above them
And when she was here all was well
And when she was gone, well that was

The only thing sure at all
I supposed I should have sensed it
A long time before it all
The stars must have been against it
I guess I was lucky then
King for a day
That was the way to be alive