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Daughter Of The Sun

by Clive James and Pete Atkin


Daughter of the sun
She burns for what she's done

She stayed too long in the hot light
Too much sun, too much sin, too bright
And now her skin is on fire at night

She wasn't fooled by him
She didn't want to be ruled by him
But she couldn't resist his hot sweet grin

Too much sin
Too much desire
Now she's punished on a bed of fire

Bring her the cooling cream
Come here and take the heat
Out of her back, the back of her legs
And the soles of her feet

You don't have to rub it in
Just pour it on, let it begin
To soak its way through your thoughts
As you toil and spin

Toss and turn
When will you ever learn?

Pack her in ice
She's a human sacrifice
Now she goes to bed with a boiling skin